Her unique use of unfamiliar melodies opens up different pathways in the brain and provides something unique in comparison to all other programs of music that are used elsewhere. —Teepa Snow

Back in 5 introduces a new arts and humanities based tool into the stream of care for people with dementia and those under emotional, psychological and spiritual stress.

For the past three years the creator, artist, technicians and musicians have been volunteering their time and talents to build Back in 5 because they believed in the possibility that caring and connection are the ‘cure’.

Connecting with nature and with others is the key to our overall health as human beings. So much more so when brains start to become confused and people start to lose connection with themselves and others.

In order for this project to reach out to the people who need it most, we now need some financial support.

If this mission has meaning for you please consider making a donation in whatever amount you are comfortable with to ensure that our work will reach the people it was intended for.

Thank you for caring.


Lynda Weston


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